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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

from the mind of a beginner.

blig. blog. blig. blog.
hi, there bloggers! as u can see.. i'm new here. before, i read other bloggers blog in site such as xanga. and i did open an account with xanga. but unfortunately, due to my lackness of blogging experience, i leave it dull and empty. after a friend of mine persuaded me to view her blog site every single day, i decided to give myself a chance for another blogging experience with hmmph.. not bad at all cuz i think i can handle it... for now..

ok. enuff of that. the other reason i blog is because sometimes i think i need a place to express my madness, sadness, happiness and stuff like that and i think blogging on the internet is the right base to share my thoughts. well.. i know i sound a lil bit awkward here, but i do hope i'll learn how to blog freely, spontanously and humorously. i don't know if my english sounded plain or broken or jez ridiculous.. but i know i'll get there. as long as i can convey my feelings correctly. u may not find big vocabs here in my blog site, maybe once a while, but please don't hate me for that.

can't promise u anything, aite? jez enjoy my blog.

till we meet again.


At 4:26 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said... blog. cute and chiq just like you. look forward to reading. and its glad to finally find my long lost best fren!


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