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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

happy birthday love!: part 1.

yesterday, may 26th was b's birthday and coincidently, it was also my cousin ati's.

at first i wanted to give both of them a decent surprise dinner but along the way, it can't be done sebab her dear hubby couldn't come up with a way of planning the surprise and i was busy with a lot of things sampai tak leh nak pikir langsung.

so, at last kitorang pon just meet up for a dinner @bubba gump shrimp co, the newly open shrimp-only restaurant kat the curve.

since the pictures we took are not with me yet, i shall continue this post the moment i got the pix from b...

... meanwhile, enjoy this latest video of lil zaes, climbing the stairs, a week before reaching 9months old. (sorry peeps.. this video was taken using my cabok nokia 6111, thus the visual is kinda so-so only! bole la kan... and sorry again sebab kena tilt your head to view the vid.. malas nak edit...) =p

the handsome devil (but not to be associated wif my not-my-favourite-at-all-EPL-team-MU) notty nih...



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