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Thursday, November 25, 2004

bunny funny!

what the hell was i thinking?
i suddenly realised that makcik pink stiletto was the only person yg interested to read my blog every now and then... kan?

b? will only be back in his office next monday. cuti byk sgt. tu pon ada 6 days of leave lagi tu.. if i'm not mistaken.

well, takpelah. i won't be going around telling peeps bout this roxy gal! lgpon, i jez started blogging. chill out eh!

good news is, this morning i stopped by the 7-11 near my office, to get my spritzer mineral water and breakfast. all of a sudden i hv this crave for a cup of vegetarian flavoured mamee express instant noodles, and i got that one too. when it was my turn to pay, i can't help it but overheard the 2 cashiers conversation (i was paying my grocers kat counter mamat 1):

mamat 1: eh.. ko perasan tak? (scanning my cup noodles)
mamat 2: ape dia? (there's nobody at his counter as i was the only person paying)
mamat 1: dr tadi kan.. pompuan2 yg beratur nak byr kat tpt ko sume biasa2 je.. yg cantik2 sume dtg kat aku.

(silently i snickered while searching for my rm5 polymer note! corny la budak2 berhingus nih..)

mamat 2: haa.. tu la pasal! aku pon perasan gak..
mamat 1: yela. mmg dr tadi sume lawa2! sorry la.. hehee. (i handed him the $)
mamat 2: yela.. ko tu hensem. mesti la sume pegi kat ko..

masa tu, mamat 1 gave me back my change. LOL!!! i was holding back my laughter!

mamat 1: thank you!
me: terima kasih. (and i left)

how corny can a person get? if that's his pick up lines for tackling a girl.. he's done a good job, i can say cuz i must admit that i am somehow, flattered eventho i know i didn't fall in one of the most beautiful or lawa or cantik categories. but when i come to think of.. alaa.. budak2! tah2, they've been working since 5 am in the morning, pastu kepala dah pening2 lalat and anything wud come out from their mouth. haaiiii laaa.. dat's a funny experience.

and then i realised sumthing. i didn't overheard them said that. obviously, they want ME to hear that!

i left the convenience store feeling euphoric.

budak-budak ni kan.


At 1:09 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

who says ur not pretty/beautiful/gorgeous? we do have bfs u know... and at least ouf bf dont dump us and let us find out thru phone bilsss..!!1


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