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Friday, March 30, 2007

lepak-lepak kat gsc midvalley.

funny incident happened to me last few weeks. it was this one saturday, hubby had to work and sebab dah tak larat nak tunggu dia ada free time to catch mukhsin, i dragged mama, auntie and 2 cousins to go with me. so, without having breakfast, we went to midvalley. when we arrived there, the crowd @gsc was insane and being me, my cousin fura and i jez beratur and the rest tunggu kat mcd. imagine, it was 12 noon and tempat tu dah mcm pasar lak! mcm ada sale pon ye...

while waiting, i asked fura to get me some salty popcorn, to kill the time.
when she came back to me, the gsc peep announced dat the 2.30 show for mukhsin dah sold out. ow well, saya pon telah menyuruh fura tanya kepada mereka yg lain, nak ke dorg tgk show kul 4.30? so, while she was away, i suddenly felt shivers and cold and my palms were sweaty and dizzy a bit... i thot it was my specs yg membuatkan saya pening sket.. so, i closed my eyes, and the next thing i know, i was lying flat on the gsc midvalley floor,, with peeps surrounding me in circle and looking down at me!! hahaha! yeee tuan2 dan puan2! saya telah pitam buat julung2 kalinya...!

so, i got up, half way, when this nice indian girl came to me and asked whether i'm ok or not. i looked around me, people were looking at me like as if i'm one of the candid camera crew (or maybe they were disappointed sbb i didn't move hysterically mcm org yg terkena - with all due respect - epilepsi kot...) this was when fura came back and dengan takde perasaannya dia tanya: "muharra, apa awak buat kat situ?" ni lagi sorang.. ingat aku saja2 ke nak lepak kat tgh2 org kat gsc tu.. hahahaha...

tulah. i don't have any idea how i fell masa tengah black out tu. rasa mcm nak pegi review cctv kat gsc tu. and i don't think anybody hold me at that time you know, due to the fact that no one was by my side when i got back my vision. but funny thing, i didn't even feel any pain kat kepala ke, my ass ke...

mama freaked out masa i told her. lepas tu, terus membebel2 about the importance of eating your breakfast first and all. "macamana nak drive ni?" "sok pegi keja, masa tgh drive, if rasa nak pitam, berenti dulu tepi jalan.." "suruh la b hantar and amik awak dari ofis.." " eee.. mama tak percaya la dgn awak ni.."

after the incident, mama akan make sure i bring along couple of bread slices with me, to be eaten masa tengah drive.

=D mama... mama... sigh...

some experience la kan... now i know, macam tu rupanya rasa bila kita pitam...
oh, don't worry! lil ones is just fine, insyaAllah...

after we managed to get the tix (fura took over to Q), i treated myself with coupla maternity clothes from dp & ms. and of course, before that kitorg pegi makan laa..

btw, check out my lilypie chart and countdown to d-day! teruja sangat bila tengok chart tu...


ok, now coming on to week 19:

Because your blood pressure is lower than usual and your blood vessels are more lax, you may feel dizzy if you get up quickly. If so, sit down until you feel fine, then get up slowly.

my baby

Your baby is super-active now, as he is small enough to swim and twist within the womb, yet strong enough for more vigorous movement. He has yet to put on fat so his still-closed eyes look bulbous.

the next para ni kelakar sket...

Do it now!

  • Read all the big books you want - once your baby’s born you’ll be reduced to odd snippets from trashy mags.
  • See all the movies you can before you need a babysitter. Soon it’ll be DVDs if you’re lucky!
  • Book up those theatre tickets before broken nights mean you fall asleep in the middle of Act II.
  • Treat yourself to that expensive restaurant. (<--- this rarely happens... =p )
  • Make the most of those lie-ins.
Little and often
If low blood sugar is exacerbating your dizziness, keep a supply of low-GI snacks handy to nibble on. Try:
  • Dried apricots
  • Pears
  • Yogurt
  • Malt loaf
  • Carrot sticks and humous
  • Flapjack
i'm having my fav kuey teow soup kat plaza damas jap lagi for lunch! yummy.. bestnya..



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