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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my mummy tummy

i'm killing time while eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 5.30pm. after weeks of hectic schedules, i finally get to go back early.. for the time being! cuz by next week, it'll start again. nothing to share actually, jez want to kill time. really.

oh! rite now, i'm into my 17th week of pregnancy and things so far are all ok... 'cept dat i think my waistline has reach an enormous amount of excessive... fat? (am i allowed to complaint on this?) haha.. ok. ok. this is what happened in my tummy in week 17:

You may get breathless and sweaty as your metabolism soars and your heart needs to work at twice its usual rate, pumping around all that extra blood.

Your baby
Hair is now growing quickly - eyelashes and eyebrows define his face, and he has hair on his head too. Sometimes, though, this newborn head-hair will fall out after the birth. So hair colour may not be as obvious as you thought!

last 2 weeks, when i'm in my week 15, i went for a monthly check up. my gynae did the usual ultrasound and guess what? besides those tiny lil hands and legs, dia dah ada spine laaa... it's kinda weird and freaky, but hey! i have a living human being in my tummy y'all! of course i'm soo looking forward to it.. tak sabar nak tunggu and at the same time thinking about the pain i'm about to go thru..... yikes!

eh! it's already 5.41pm! i wanna go now! tengokla. nanti cerita lagi ok!!



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