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Thursday, June 29, 2006

of being fat but all strong and pacy..

i jez wrote one damn good post earlier on!!! it was damn good, this *((#^#(@) application suddenly quits on me!!!!

i am soooo upset... marah sgt!!!

enuf said. i've learnt my lesson. lain kali save draft sebelom try to upload any images....

it was one damn good entry!!!!!!!!

penat gile komen pasal previous WC games. serious... errgggghhhhh!!!

up next, german vs argentina --->saya nak upset dlm game ini...
english muffins vs the nando's chicken.
italy vs ukraine and finally the french toast vs the brazillian coffee --->kalau bule pon nak upset gak..

fancy eh?

fat ass ronaldo..
my favourite spaniard, mr luis garcia..


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