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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

of learning lessons of all time...

yesterday i finally learnt some valuable lessons of all time..
(eventho i, somehow, suppose to know what is wrong and what is right in a relationshit... err.. relationship)
  • never assume when the other half least expected it.
  • don't ever show the other half dat you are weak.
  • never write your expressions in a blog. (cuz they cudn't care less to read it..)
  • don't ever waste your mobile credit for a sore loser.
  • don't ever cry your heart out cuz they are capable of saying the meanest words while you're at it... (and dat sucks!)
and the list wud go on and on...

i'm not trying to make things worst, but i jez want him to understand my feelings and most importantly why do i feel this or dat way on certain things in life... is dat hard to comply?

there i go again... spilling my heart out on a blog of which he'll never read or visit...

and i'm not the one who's losing, ok!


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