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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

of cruisin' in 2 0 0 6.

hey fellas.. happy 2006 to everyone!

been you-know-what of late. with the holidays and all, i can't really tuned in 2006 very well.. cuz in my mind there is only work.. work.. and more work.

come february 2006, i'll be celebrating my 1st year of wobbly journey in avon malaysia...
oh, no i don't feel excited or thrilled at all cuz trust me a 5% raise isn't really anybody's idea of happiness!

anyway, i do hope i'd get the best of 2006 cuz i am expecting a few changes here and there.. one thing for sure, my performance bonus! if i were fated not to get it, i'm better off selling nasi lemak by the road side..

what else ya?
* oho.. few invites from friends and some cousins for their historical day..
(sha & daoh.. anytime this year? ;-D)
* to improve myself in these aspects:
i) practise yoga when i'm at home,
ii) spare some dough for my next visit to ranjit. that means no plastico-swipo-and-go. unless if b insisted that i use his.. hehe..
iii) try not to spend extravagantly on unnecessary stuff,
iv) to have faith and trust in people i know and love.

those were only some of it... and they were easier said than done huh?
well.. i'll try.

have a great 2006 guys!


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