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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

of being... late as ever..

oh, this is weird..
it has been 5 bumpy months since my last blog and hell yeah, i'm busy!
it's like having this big chain and heavy steel ball tied around my ankle and i can't move anywhere.

kepada semua, jika saya masih lagi mempunyai pembaca, sepuluh jari disusun tanda kemaafan.

what's new in my life? hmm.. let's see...
*friends got married.. ada yg dpt attend ada yg tak.. one of them got lucky and married the richest ruler in the world last august, but i'm happy for her despite the cakap2 belakang orang.. (could never please everbody eh?)
*pay a visit (actually dah pegi 3 kali) to my significant other's hometown and met his parents... after 3 yrs.. hahahaha.. it was a funny experience cuz i feel kinda weird at first, but anyways, what's gotta do gotta do, aite?
*had a normal hari raya.. no extra holidays for me as i was already back to the office on the 5th day.. werk! wat else? hell...
*and lots more... ~~~ err ~~~

anyway people.. i can't really promise to blog everynow and then but i'll try my best to keep updating myself. but i do read other blogs when i have the time, i guess i'm just to lazy to update my own blog...

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short but... cold? hahah..
gotta go folks.


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