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Saturday, February 05, 2005

of being an avon associate: part I.


hey, all! started my week@avon last tuesday, all fresh and new and guess what...? the electricity was down from jez before i stepped into the avon building! hehe.. so much so to welcome a new associate eh?

so, i was introduced to the rest of the department by an art director from the team i'm in. this place is so huge, i could hardly remember their name, each and everyone of them...

the electricity came back jez after the management declared early lunch of 12.30 pm and it was 12.20pm at that moment. imagine the moaning and groaning?! tapi most of them dah keluar pon.. despite what time it was..

i can say dat finding for food here is very difficult here. seriously! if you are shy and never bother to make friends.. that's it! you're out of the pack and eat at your own risk.. get it? but i don't know.. i mean.. it's so hard for me to trust jez anybody.. yela.. some of them ni ada jugak yg macam 'kamps'.. suka gossip-gossip and the worst of all.. suka mengata belakang. haiya! i can't run from these peeps can i?

so.. nak tak nak kena la carik alternatif lain if i don't want to go out for lunch. mama has been preparing some lunch for me for the past 2 days. on wednesday was a leftover from the day before and yesterday, she woke up the same time as i did, 5.45 am, and cooked for me. JEZ FOR ME.. i'm so touched by her gestures and concern. i never ask her to cook for me, but wit all the whining dat came from me.. ~sigh~ mama... mama...

well.. i guess i hv to do something to prevent her from doing this kinda thing again. i mean, if skali skala takpe la.. if selalu.. lebih baik pegi masuk tadika balik.. t's not that i don't want to cook, tapi kemalasan melanda and the rest is history, ok?

there's more to tell bout being an avon associate. but due to the time constrain, i hv to stop here.

what's that? yup! you see right! it's saturday.. it is saturday. and i'm here in the office to finish some job given to me..

yes... avon is close on saturday but always open to the associates from creative dept to finish up their tasks.. someone like me...?

and as you know, i don't hv internet connection at home. if there's ever an update from me.. it comes from the office's network. such hassles...

yeah.. i know...

to be continued...


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