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Friday, January 28, 2005

of being here@jda for the last time part I.

january 28th 2005 finally arrives. it's here.
my last day in johan design associates.

as i was riding in my aunt's fiat punto this morning, i didn't feel awkward nor happy nor anything.
the feeeling is jez the same. sama macam nothing would happen after this.
but, i'd still be leaving this shitty hole, no matter what.

or maybe the saddest of all feeling would come later this afternoon kot. entah.
i wouldn't know.

yesterday, eda, bavani, fai and baizurah, colleagues of mine, (or sometimes they were my partners-in-crime@jda) gave me a joss stone live in new york city imported original dvd, as a farewell gift. man.. was i touched! i mean.. i least expected these kind of gestures given to me, but heck! yeah.. they did dat to me... i don't care even if it's a pirated dvd or some petaling street frank muller watches, but their thoughts and friendship towards me is more important than anything else. oh, guys.. i've been here for only a short period of time.. i don't think i deserve to be showered with gifts, lunches and all. i'm here to work and leave because i need to fulfill my ambitions and to further develop my capabilities in this field.

hey, i talk too much eh? i thank Allah for having such colleagues in my life. so thoughtful of them..

monorails, traffic jams in kl, lot 10, o'brien's sandwiches, my aunt's fiat punto, walking along jln sultan ismail to menara promet from hsbc, klcc, nasi goreng kampung 5th floor, nasi ayam@boustead.. oh goodness! too much of my gonna-miss list.. har! har! har! but these are the few things i'd be missing after my departure today...

aww, aunt mua.. jgn la sedih sgt..

to be continued...


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