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Thursday, January 06, 2005

of credit cards, debts and all.

finally, the much-awaited letter came in yesterday and am i all glad to open it! i was smiling from ear-to-ear when i saw the ****** but it dropped the moment i remembered that it wasn't meant to be ***** joyously!

heck.. u must've wondered, what the hell was it and why i put lotsa *** to some words...

hehe.. actually, it was a cheque of some amount of dough and it's on loan. see.. i applied for this loan some time ago, and it was meant to paid all my credit cards debts bcuz i decided to actually close all (well.. maybe some of it..) my credit card accounts and get on with my life.

sure.. credit card is root to all evil!! damn! but, dat was during my heydays, tgh lupa diri.. and finally it came to my sense that i have to stop spending like a queen with all these cards and yup! start saving for my future or in other words.. to my donno-when-will-that-happen marriage. err.. not so soon tho'.. i was jez thinking ahead.. it's not wrong ain't it? ;-D

so, i've decided. it's for my own good pon.. after this there'll be no more MNGs, MNGs, MNGs... hmm.. is that the only clothing brand in my closet? eh.. yelah.. oh! there're some of SEEDs and ROXYs and ESPRITs.. not that fancy, eh?

i don't know but sometimes i think my spending habit is terrible! bad! not good! sometimes, i even tend to buy something unwanted in my list. bought it jez for the fun of scribbling my signature on the carbonised paper. teruklah!

well.. guess that's gonna be the end of it. it is also part of my resolution for the year 2005. and i hope it'll succeed!
once the cheque is cleared, i'm gonna do what i've gotta do...


not so smart, eh?


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