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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

happy birthdays!

i would like to dedicate today's entry to my youngest sister, nabilla for this is the day she turns 19.

happy 19th birthday, dear sis! may Allah bless you and the peeps around you!
have a great birthday of all time before you turn to the big 20, next year.

still studying in muadzam shah, doing finance to be exact, she's a one helluva-pain-in-the-ass, if you must ask! i mean.. she came into my life after six years of having fun as the youngest in the sibling, wrecking up my whole life when i have to share the room with her and whole loads of other stuff that you can't imagine her doing!

everything is about her nowadays...
"eh.. billa needs money for her apartment's rental..."
"eh, billa takde duit belanja..."
"eh, billa nak beli buku.."
"eh.. billa nak top MNG.."


look at her.. sheesh..

there were times that we can't even face each other and there were times we were so close to each other. being the youngest, she has all the freedom in the world! she even takes control on what to eat for dinner the day she comes back from muadzam. enuff said!

but being me, the best sister in the whole wide world, nabilla is my best buddy and also enemy. i can still remember bringing her along to hang out with my friends during varsity years, till wee hours. lepaking at mamak or my friend's jamming studio and they all love her to the bone.. including my best friend in uitm, sabariah aka dbab, who happens to share her birthday with nabilla... oh, yeah.. i almost forgot.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO, DBAB!

dat's dbab, in the middle. this oh-so-old pic was taken way back to the year of 2000.

so.. that's a bits and pieces of nabilla, my ever adorable heart-breaker of all time (according to my other best guy buddy..).
believe me.. being a heart-breaker, i know she didn't mean it..

oklah.. if you read this, sis.. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO YOU! you know i love you.
this is jez a formality of seeing the nasty side of your sister, condemning you.

happy, happy! joy, joy!


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