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Thursday, December 23, 2004

guilty feet has got no rhythm.

went to you-know-where, yesterday. and it's official. i'm leaving this place where i'm sitting now, in a month's time.
i took the offer @avon and may Allah bless my doings.

there're mixed feelings inside me. nervous, afraid and happy at the same time. and sometimes i've got goosebumps too. i donno why but somehow i feel sad to leave this design firm i've been working for the past 3 yrs and 3 mths, right after my graduation pulak tu. 1st job kan.. i know i'm gonna miss certain people here in JDA. and i'm gonna miss lots of things happening in kl as well.

there'll be no more
"eh.. jom lunch kat sungei wang.."
"i'm going to klcc after office. ada sesapa nak join?"
"lot 10 ari ni sale.. MNG mesti ramai org.."

and i'll be saying this in the near future
"those were the days laa.."

but, come to think of it, it's my future we're talking about, eh?

i think i'm about to make a mistake..

well.. wat happen was.. this colleague of mine, eda made me think again about my decision. she suddenly reminded me of that o&m guy i was supposed to called some few weeks back. you see.. even b4 i went for these interviews, i was referred to him by my cousin for a vacancy there @o&m (that's ogilvy & mathers advertising).

i did call him some time ago. he's a senior malay copywriter @o&m. he knew that i'm creative design base but at the same time i said to him that i'm interested in copywriting as well. so, he offered me to do a freelance job @o&m for a duration of 2 weeks while he's away to perform the haj next mth. and at the same time.. i kinda put my current job at stake when i agree to it. that guy pon ckp, when he's back from mecca, he'll review my job and see wat happen from there, la.. don't quit my current job jez yet.. well.. i agreed to it sbb i can always ask for 10days leave kat JDA. tu utk next year laa..

so, as days passed me by, i was thinking dat i can't do this to my career.. yela.. kata org tua2, yg dikejar tak dpt, yg dikendong berciciran... nnt jadi mcm anjing dgn bayang2.. dat's y i jez went to those interviews and finally got my hands on avon.

and now since, thanx to eda, brought up this matter.. i kinda gv myself a 2nd thought..

so.. i gave that guy a call.. and i kinda agree to meet him up next week @o&m.

btw, i'm turning in my resignation letter today...

oh, God bless me!

do i look like a confused person?


At 4:57 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

thanx for the peribahasa lessons.
and no, you dont look confused. you look more like a twelve year old.

At 5:38 PM , Blogger roxychick said...

twelve year old?! mmhmmm... dat was taken like, 2 days ago.


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