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Monday, December 20, 2004


weekends over and they were totally weak!
to my dismay, i went thru few bad moments with b and i didn't even think about the job being offered to me. sad!

as my aunt said to me ystrdy..
"so.. weekend je awak perintah berkurung la, eh?"

perintah berkurung. yela.. my sister yang beranak, aku pulak yg kena buat keja.
is that normal or it ain't? you tell them la!

i was helping out my ma with all the house chores.. and that includes cooking, ait! cooked some cencaru sumbat and ikan kurau kering and it didn't disappoint (at least) me at all.. boley la makan..

not jez that, i also helped babysat qis, and my! was she a handful of misery!? but, 'ts ok cuz i kinda enjoying it. after all, she's smart. i like taking care of smart babies.. they're jez a wee bit naughty and i still can cope. she needs the attention anyway cuz her mother's went to the lil baby sister of hers, dania..

"mariessa nak ribena..."
"tutup langsir tu boleh tak?"
"muharra.. amik makanan dia ni naik atas..!"
"bawak baby naik atas.."

those lines make their comeback after 2 yrs! (the 1st one was when she gave birth to qis) and this time around, i was the only one yg boleh diharap kat rumah tu. billa is already in muadzam shah and i doubt it she'd willingly help out if she's around bcuz she's a brat! (sorry sis, but it's true to the skin!;-p) lulu pulak.. she's on night shift mode every single day and it's either she's werking or out having fun! she ain't a brat. it's who she really is! and who am i to complain?

but somehow, i think, i kinda enjoyed it sbb that helps me to experience lots of things in life. and maybe later, i'm prepared to do this and that if need be. it looks like i'm complaining but actually i'm not.. i'm enjoying it!

as for today, nothing much happen and the progress meeting went on quickly and everyone came out unhurt.
so.. cheers to everyone.

and it's only good for a short period of time.


At 4:26 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

practice makes perfect dear.. be patient. u'll be more than ready when the time comes, eh?
jangan nanti jadi macam front page berita harian hari ni sudah. man! that was unbelievable! and to be on the front page is actually is the icing man..

At 5:47 PM , Blogger roxychick said...

exactly! that was terribly terrible man... terrible to the bone! i wish i'd get my hands on that man.. i'll smash his head nad make him suffer his whole life! sheeshh.. how pity can her life be...... damn that man!


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