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Friday, December 10, 2004

hungry and sober.

hmm.. it's nice to know that i actually hv some readers for this nothing-to-shout-about blogpage of mine... apart from pinky (ahaks!) and b. welcome, pinky's daoh diggler the pornstar... kool!

punching in the office, feeling again, tired and fuzzy! with both of my eyes turning red due to my vasomotor rhinitis or a.k.a sinus or simply weather nose, i can't really focus on what should i be doing today! it's 30 past 9 and the office, especially the studio is still empty, i can only hear the sound of the compressor! i'm freezing cold again, mad and all... rasa nak tembak je compressor keparat tu sbb sejuk sgt! nak start keja pon malas.. so i guess i'll jez go back to my cubicle and read some news lah.

dah la tak breakfast lagi. roti tu utk perhiasan ke?
(byknye benda nak pikir over the weekend..)

p/s: mr daoh, the interview for the avon post is closing today. so, they won't entertain any interviews 'cept mine which is due next monday sbb saya ni special case... awat tak habaq awai2? ;-p

i'm talking to a person whom i never even met before. only sweet and rock kapak stories from his sweetheart pinky je..

eh, i'm hungry la..


At 9:59 AM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

wish i was in ur shoes. i mean, feeling all cold and stuff..i asik je rase panasnye panasnye!!!!
ps; peria masak cili tu tak pahit ke?

At 1:25 PM , Blogger roxychick said...

peria masak cili tu mmg la pahit but that is the most delicious ulam dish my mom ever cook! i learnt how to eat peria from her la.. even raw ones! mmg best gile sedap nak mampus! try laa...


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