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Thursday, December 02, 2004

job tripper.

it's been a week since my last posting. well, i've been too tied up with my job and other stuff. one of it was the pic shown.
(hahaa! mcm la susah sgt nak buat tu.. what a shame to other graphic designers!)

last friday, i was on medical leave due to some problem to my gallbladder. i felt pain for a week on the right side of my stomach and everyone thought it could be appendicitis. but Alhamdulillah, i went thru the ultrasound and ended up, i had inflamation to my gallbladder. the pain that i felt was kinda heaty and sometimes pedih-pedih. it didn't trouble me much actually, but my mom insisted that i go and do the check-up. so the doc gave me a week medication to see whether it'll subside or not. otherwise, i hv to come for another appointment in a week's time... hey! that's tomorrow.. shucks! shud i or shudn't i? ~thinking~ oh, the bill was a whopping rm310! LUCKILY i can claim from the office (as dato' j signed the invoice, he murmured, "work harder..." i was like.. what the hell?! do you think i want to make another claim by attending the appointment tomorrow? ~"work harder..."?~....nahh...)

thruout the weekends, it was raining cats and dogs in subang. i went for a job interview in the morning and i was 20 minutes late. when i arrived, the guy made me wait for another 30 minutes or so... ape la.. lambat sket je, tu pon because i went to the wrong entrance. the stupid pak guard made me go one round to come back to the same place. so much for a punishment! teruk betul! why can't they jez inform me that i was coming from the wrong entrance, and forgive me instead and jez proceed with the procedures for entering a place? suka la made fool of other people! but being me, i'm pissed but jez kept quite cuz i don't want to make such big fuss! guess dat's one of my weaknesses laa.. well.. dah lepas pon. but b was very upset tho.. yela.. dia yg drive keta, kan.. ~chuckle!~

so, the interview was ok. i don't see any potential in it tho cuz the place was like.. jauh jugak la. and it was only the 1st stage. the 2nd and final one was to do some demo (can't disclose much... hehee! but not to become a singer laa..) and pass it back to him, which i did, last tuesday. so.. that was it. i didn't think too much about it.

after the interview, i went straight home, while b went over to his friends open house which he planned not to go earlier. but due to the eagerness of meeting old friends and catching up, he actually went. i was stuck in the house with mama, watching the naked chef (he's damn good cook!) and after that channel surfing sampai la terlelap on the sofa.

that evening, b and i pegi klcc to watch the incredibles with his best bud, amir and his lawyer gf, zaireen (our usual ritual on some saturdays). before the show started (11.55pm), we had our snacks @chili's cuz that's the only place yg near to tgv, yg boleh lepak sampai the show start. i know there's also coffee beans next to it, but i guess amir was on one of his big appetite days kot.. as usual, while eating, they were talking and gossiping about other friends and i was cotented with the epl game between chelsea and charlton. sempat la tgk damian duff scored the opening goal and 15 minutes after that, we're off to watch the show. and oh! it was good.. i think the best animated features movie after shrek n sharktale. sape yg tak tgk lg, pegi la.. mmg best!

well, another interview coming up this monday. this is a different one. the cute voice of the girl from the firm called jez now. hmm.. i don't know what to expect but jez pray to Allah la.. hopefully i'll get my hands on this job, and i'd be happy to leave this place i'm currently had my butt on! (i can almost hear it...."work harder..." arghh! claim sket pon leh cakap camtu ke?!!)

wish me luck. gotta prepare with some portfolio over the weekend.
take care.

aww.. look at her... isn't she adorable? ~sigh~


At 1:11 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

wah org advertising mmg terer2...btw knape tgk bola? suka tgk bola? tu kan utk org lelaki je? apelarr...


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