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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

i'm in a middle of a carrefour... or was it carretwo?

my interview last monday was ok.

but today, i'm a confused person. the gurl from the place i went for last monday, called me an hour ago saying that i hv to come for a second interview next monday @2.30pm (not again? wat's my excuse?). this time around, i hv to meet the MD. is that good or bad? can't see why i'm confused?

well... i'm confused because an hour and 5 minutes ago, the creative director from avon called me and seriously asking me to come for an interview, next week. the best part was, i didn't send in my resume pon.. but he got my number from a friend of mine. and the bestest part was.. he interviewed me 3 yrs ago, masa tu i was bz looking for a job. at that time, obviously, i wasn't prepared to be part of the avon creative team because according to him, i was lack of experience. he quickly recognised me when i flashback our meeting back then. and this time he really wanted me to come for the interview...

am i confused or am i not?


At 4:29 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

looks like someone is about to have a career facelift.
looks like someone is gonna be climbing the corporate ladder.
looks like someone will be buying me a very expensive makan in the near future.

At 11:54 PM , Blogger Daoh Darko said...

alo! if you dont want d post or whichever, can pass to me or not? can ah? can ah? i only want job with 6-figure salary only. can ah? can ah? can straight away be MD or not? or CEO? can?


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