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Thursday, December 02, 2004

nerve-wrecking son of a gun...

thinking is very important before u make a decision or before u decide what shud u do in certain occasions!
i seriously believe to think is very, very, important in life!

please. i really can't take it! i only organise my own life! when i tried to organise yours, u said that i'm too rigid.. always want things to be perfect, asyik membebel, i worried too much and bla! bla! bla! but what happen when i didn't? your life goes almost haywire! keep on calling me every 10 seconds..

i'm calling in sick today, tak larat laa..
"okla tu.."
er.. i think i masuk lambat sket la..
"watever suits u.."
tolong la carikkan i mock-up tu..
"i'll try.."

an hour later...
i'm reaching your office in 5, can u come down now?
i hate that paper i don't think i'll use it.
"wateva suits u..."

minutes later...
can i have the address of the supplier?
"i'll sms u the add.."
nevermind, u can gv me now..
"bla.bla.bla.. the phone # is.."
err... i don't hv a pen la. sms laa.. thx!

seconds later...
can u transfer this much of money to my acc?
"ok...." silently a dynamite in my innerself is ready to blow off!

i'm not complaining but i guess it's about time u learn how to organise yourself. it's about time i need not tell u when to settle your bills, when to reload your cellphone, when not to waste on certain irresistable gadgets and the list would go on and on.. it's about time u learn it from me.

i was about to pull my hair off when i saw the sms from u.
sorry if i disturb u today. thanks for the help. m gonna see the paper now. thanks!

my heart melts immediately. the image of your dopey face suddenly appears...

i'm sorry too.


At 1:13 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

crik job lain cpt2 skit eh? between you and my bf whinning about your beginning to feel like i have a bad job too..

At 2:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

b, i forgot to bring the cd! m so sorry. i was rushing tadi mase nak keluar rumah. we ll pick it up later today ok? i ll help u out on this...

p/s btw, i m not angry with u. ;-)

lots of luv!


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