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Friday, December 03, 2004

tribute to my fantastic friends.

obviously, i pass my appointment with the doc today. biarlah.
my gallbladder pon tak rasa sakit-sakit dah.
for now.

neeway, last night i remembered s'thing. i got this birthday card from a close friend which arrived 2 weeks ago.
i know it's only a birthday card, but this is a special one.

it was from an intan zulaikha ismail, a very close friend of mine. we knew each other since we were in form 2 and till now we remain the best of friend eventho we could hardly see each other nowadays. her family moved up to seremban 2 a year ago and since then we would only email/sms/call and sometimes she visits me and the rest of our circle of friends. what i want to say bout her ni, she never failed to forget my birthday. i mean, a phone call is more than enough for me, tapi few days after, mesti dapat card from her. and this time around, the card she sent me, touches my heart to the deepest. it may be normal to anybody, but i almost cried when i read the wordings on the card.

intan, thx for the friendship. of course we'll be friend till the final days of our lives! i love you!

you make me very happy, whenever i feel blue, and if friends were flowers.. i'd pick a bunch of you!

and to my other best friends, elly and syakira, jgn la terasa eh? u guys are the best of friends i've ever had and i'll always treasure our friendship!

to my other friends pon.. tak kira la jez close friends ke.. normal friends ke... ;-D
(makcik pink stiletto tu my partner-in-crime! haha!)

hv a great weekend, eh!
shucks! byk tul open hses n weddings to attend this weekend..

till next week. and oh! wish me luck for my upcoming job interview, eh!?
loves. hugs. kisses.


At 9:47 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

EH.. HELLO? i remember tau bday u! mane boleh lupe bezaa dua hari je..
anyway good luck for your job interview and kirim salam kat intan..
ps; bf i nye job interview esok.


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