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Thursday, December 09, 2004

freezing cold and grumpy me!

i worked my ass up last nite till 3 in the wee hour! arrived home at about 4, had my kurma ayam and peria masak cili dinner while watching philly on channel 70 and some champions league matches on tv3 and channel 82. (both liverpool and real madrid won their matches respectively.. eventho' i jez watched the first 20 mins or so..) ole!

tried to shut my eyes after cleaning up myself but to no avail. so, i looked at myself in the mirror and tried to pick on my invisible zits (?) got tired of looking for one, i switched off the light and forced myself to get some sleep. finally, around 5 am (i think..) i sank into the wonderland.

i woke up to the sond of my everyday cellphone alarm @ around 6.50am. while trying to remember wat day is today, i called up b on his cell.

what time do you plan to go to your office?
"9 something.. i pon tido lambat jugak.." he sounded pissed.
can send me tak? i tak larat la.. need another hour or so..
"y do u hv to go in now when u jez came back like few hours ago?"
ada keja lagi.. can or not?
"mmphh.. okla. 9.30 i sampai.."
eh, it's ok if u don't want to.
"eh, u ni kan.. ape-apela.. ishh!"
ok lah.. oklah... 9.30 eh..

i threw my cell next to my pillow, looking up the ceiling. arghh! takpelah.. it's better for me to suffer now than later. so, i decided to actually get up and headed to the bathroom.

i sms-ed b on the way to the ofice, apologising for the trouble and that i had change of mind. luckily, aunt timah had some topics for us to discuss and i didn't fell asleep along the way to kl. kalu tak, sian dia. dahla drive me to work, if i fell asleep, lagi la boring takde sape to talk to...

8.20 am dah sampai ofis. terus tertido! masa terjaga around 9.20 am, nobody was around yet (the creative ppl. they all came in at about 10.30 am). at that time, this particular client called and had some urgent changes on the artwork that need to be amended ASAP. i was quite pissed off cuz that was the 100th time the client amended the artwork and it seemed that it was not our fault. feeling grumpy and all... i swear i'll burn his ass off!


by noon, i found out my period was early and here i am.... feeling heavy, tired and sick in this freezing cold office. my cramp was the worst ever! after my beehoon soto lunch, i sat quietly at my place with my head on the desk. i fell asleep again, trying to forget the painful cramp, but woke up with more pain than ever. but now, dah ok sket la..

5.10pm. it's already dark out there. take the bus or call up b? tah...

stomach cramp, not enough sleep and my sinus is about to attack my nasal flow.

that avon guy called me up again.
he's expecting me to be there, with a top of the world portfolios.
and i think i'm a dead meat by monday evening!

1 message received.
muharra, ur blogpage is fantastic!

thanx a lot fatimah dear. but are you ready for more hype and swears and frustations?

i'm gonna be dead.

i swear i am!


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