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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i'm a lost soul swimming in the fish bowl.

another life was born and it was of my sis'. she delivered a healthy 3.98kg baby girl @ 08.27 am ystrdy - december 13th, 2004 - 1 zulkaedah 1425h @sjmc. so.. another pricess in her life and ours too.

i was all exhausted and tired the entire day, yesterday. and that wud be because i rushed like mad to one scene and another for my 2 bloody interviews! i was mad because that bloody MD of the advertising co in damansara intan was fcuking late for the interview! my interview was supposed to be conducted @2.30pm and i was there 15 mins earlier. her secretary told me that her MD wud be 20 mins late due to the appointment she had earlier on, which she ended up having lunch with the client. 20 minutes and 3 candidates (we were all waiting at the so-called conference table) later, there was still no sign of her!

3.30pm, i walked up to the sec's table.
ermm.. hey, miss secretary.. may i know where is she at this moment?
"oh.. i jez called her. she was about to leave the place. are u in a hurry?"


oh, yeah. my sister is giving birth.. (eh..? hehehehh..) i said that i'm gonna be there @4.
"oh.. in that case, i'll reschedule ur interview to another day.."
oh.. no please! i don't hvanymore annual leave. i can come back later this evening.. say 5?
"oh.. u can? ok... i'll let u know if she's ok with it.."
ok.. thx! i'm so sorry but i really hv to go.
"ok.. sure. no problem.."

i drove the car as fast as i could. dahla i brought along my aunt and cousin, cuz i thought the interview would be a quick one and after that we cud all go to the hospital to visit my sis' newborn darling. i was apologising all the way to avon... tu la.. sapa suruh gatal ajak?

i reached avon 10 to 4. i was 1st interviewed by the HR manager and then i was brought to another floor to meet the AD, the guy who interviewed me 3 yrs ago. and the interview lasted for a long 2 and half wasted hours! the other agency kept on calling and i kinda postponed the time to 7 and luckily she's ok with it!

so, after much apologies to my aunt and cousin, i reached the agency by 6.55pm. sampai sana je, they were having meeting and she made me wait for another 15 mins or so! gila la dorg ni! i was so pissed at that moment, rasa mcm nak commit suicide je for torturing myself with all these interviews!

the interview went fine eventho muka MD tu mcm tertelan biji durian je.. tah ape yg nak marah tah?!! it's not my fault that i hv to come back, aite! mampusla! i cudn't care less!

so... i walked back to the car, feeling extremely exhausted and dizzy! laa.. patutla.. tak makan dr pagi! that's the thing with me.. if i'm nervous or hv some urgent things to be done.. i forgot about my empty stomach sampai la everything is settled!

so, went to damansara perdana to picked b up and had dinner with him, aunt n cousin!

to cousin safura and aunty yayah.. THANKS A MILLION for accompanying me to the interviews and put up with the patience! nnt saya belanja la if dapat keja baru tu.. insyaAllah.. kalau tak dpt pon, ada duit lebih saya belanja.. ok? ;-P

to b, thx for the car! sorry sbb habiskan petrol almost quater tank and sorry bout what happened yesterday.. i guess i'm like that.. all lazy and selfish..

later that night, i went to sjmc and dapat tgk my 2nd niece tu dlm nursery room je sbb dah mlm.. sob! sob!

to PUTERI AISHAH DANIA, sorry sbb aunty tak dtg to the hospital dr pagi jez like i did to ur elder sis, PUTERI NAIMI QISTINA, a year ago! but that doesn't mean i don't love you... (as if she could read this... ~chuckle!~)

i tender myself @2am, all stressed up and confused..

wish i am the one u r looking for...


At 6:05 PM , Blogger Pinkiest Stiletto said...

its the end of the year and everyone. for whatever reason whatsoever is running around town like mad dogs what?! is eveyone having a career change?
relax. chill.
and congratulations on the arrival of the newest member of the clan.
pictures please. pictures please.


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