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Friday, December 17, 2004

choosing a door...

those interviews, the new arrival of a member of the clan, some financial crisis and some conflicts occured in the office and also back at home, somehow complete my hectic 53rd week of the year 2004! i am all burnt out!

my interview went on.. jez ok la.. nuthing much i could conclude here. yeah.. i do hope i'll get any one of the job. only God knows.. leave it to Him.

susah sangat ke nak dapat keja baru ni? u might ask..

well.. it depends! in my case.. i hv to really work my brain out to get these peeps hire me bcuz in my line of work.. it ain't simple! i gotta hv strong portfolios (a compilation of my art works in my current firm i'm working with), pleasant persona (keep 'em coming..), confidence and of course, communication skills... READ: good command of english! they look at these qualities before they want to hire you, ok?!

the CD of avon wants me to really, really think about it before he decides to give me the job. i hv the whole weekend to actually sit and think.. is this what i want? yela.. ACCORDING TO (the Creative Director of avon), i got what it takes in the advertising world. i have the vibes, the aura, the eagerness to explore more in advertising and ambitious. i can't get enough of one thing and would go to the limit in order to bring the best out of me! ALL THAT.. is according to him.. bukan nak puji diri sendiri tau.. ;-p

but... BUT.. he said it's a waste if i land myself in avon.. cuz he's afraid that i might get tired and bored with the only client i'd be handling.. that is AVON! doing the same beauty products, intimate lines and household gadgets over and over again, everyday, till the day i die!

hmm... i hv what it takes but he's not pretty sure whether i'm fit to stay in avon for at least a year or 2 or not, due to the unvariety of client i'd be working with....? is that it?

i mean.. i wanted to get out of this place so bad that i would take whatever opportunities coming my way. but then again.. is that what i really want? is that it?

THAT.. i have to ask myself...

and i don't think i hv the answer to it, right now...

have a great weekend ahead, folks...


At 10:51 PM , Blogger Daoh Darko said...

finding a new job? guess you already know my case, eh? well, good luck.


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