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Friday, December 24, 2004

little wing left in the middle: part II.

@approximately 14:13 this afternoon, i took a deep breath, reciting Qursi silently and finally made my way to his office. i brought along some visuals on my right hand, and the letter on the other. in his office, i could see that he was busy typing, on his titanium powerbook.

'hi, dato.. i'd like to show the marketing folder's cover visuals..'
as i handed over the printed A3 papers.
he looked at it thoroughly.

"you still want to use this colour, eh? why orange? same goes with the presentation jez now....."
and bla. bla. bla...

"ok. good job." he remarked and focused back to his powerbook.
i looked at him once again, and was about to leave the room..

'er, dato. there's one more thing.. i'm tendering my resignation and here's the letter.'
my oh my.. was i nervous. he looked right at my face.

"why?" and bla. bla. bla.. with some advice in between.

to my surprise, he rejected my letter. i don't know whether he was just trying to be nice or what but he wanted me to thought about it over the weekend (sounds familiar ain't it?!) and that he saw my potentials, growing with this firm (and why do i keep on hearing these stuff about me being the next advertising icon? why?!) and that he really appreciates new blood like me and all that bull!

i'm not pissed or anything, but i think this is the right time for me to actually broaden my horizon and expand my advertising knowledge by venturing out to new environment or else i'd be stuck here forever with the same peeps and attitude.

"take that away and give it a thought over the weekend.." (macamla surat tu ada anthrax or something!)

so.. i took the letter and left.

there goes me.. down the drain.
why am i so fcuking weak?



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