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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

of weekend, annoying relatives and dejected malaysian soccer team.

jez came back from my don't-know-what-to-eat-for-lunch trip and i ended up buying myself the same nasi goreng kampung from 5th floor. takpelah.. lepas ni dah susah nak carik nasi goreng sedap nih..

neeways, new year was mellow but ok.
on saturday, all of us went out to klcc. bought some things and my God! MNG was on sale and the place was so damn packed with peeps.. mcm org jual ikan gamaknya! i stood there for few minutes.. pastu dah tak tahan. ramai nak mampus! there were some stuff which is worth getting... i got myself a jacket for half price..

attended my uncle's kenduri pegi haji last sunday too. met up with some of my snobby relatives (of which i really hate to get myself into). malas nak layan je. if it was not bcoz of my uncle, i wudn't even lay my eyes on them. it was really sickening to see such people! nak belagak tu nape tah?? mcm bagus je! yela.. berselisih bahu pon, tak reti la nak senyum, eventho they are much younger than i am.. i mean, i don't care, really! but please respect the elderly laa.. i.e: my mom? my bf dah bengang-bengang sbb i dragged him to kinda come along.. sorry la b... but you went for the sake of uncle yet, aite?

dahla... tak kuasa nak ckp psl org2 bangang like some relatives of mine tu...

nothing much of yesterday, tho'.
today, the ADs, AE's and Dato' Johan himself went out for a presentation in NORTHPORT. i guess it's gonna take up almost half a day there. JDA was awarded the whole advertising account from NORTHPORT after they sacked the previous agency for not doing a good job. and guess which agency i'm talking about? leo burnett. yup! yup! the highly-rated leo burnett. i donno what exactly happen.. but dato' was very happy! sape tak happy? it's a 3millionRM job, man.. they over shadowed PETRONAS now and serve as JDA's biggest client. well.. well..

it's january 4th now and i hv got approximately 20 days of employment here in JDA. sapa2 nak anta resume kat sini tu.. be my guess! u can get the add from the malaysian advertising directory (MAD). kalu tak jumpa.. lemme know if u want it. i'm not sure if they are hiring before i depart, tho'.. tak dengar ape2 pon.. tak recommend la.. but you can give it a try..

malaysia lost yesterday's 2nd leg semi final of the tiger cup @bukit jalil and i tell you.. i'd rather watch my 12yr-old cousin playing soccer than watching the malaysian team! that was the worst performance ever! takde semangat langsung and they kinda took the game for granted.. after khalid j scored the 1st goal! dah hebat sgt la tu! masuk je 2nd half.. the indonesians mengamuk and the stupid malaysian keeper conceded 4 damn goals! it was disappointing but, hey! somebody's gotta lose, eh?

kudos to the indons tho', for their highly spirited awe-inspiring performance!

to the malaysian team, please try again. thank you.

here's an excerp from today's article in harian metro..
"MALAM yang tidak wajar ditangisi kira-kira 60,000 penyokong Malaysia di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil dan ribuan lagi yang menyaksikan sajian anak-anak Malaysia di depan kaca televisyen. Tidak perlu juga menarik nafas panjang dan menggelengkan kepala. Apa yang berlaku di depan mata itulah bola sepak Malaysia. Faktor beraksi di gelanggang sendiri bukan lagi jaminan kemenangan.

Sayang sekali, skuad negara terlalu gemar mempermain-mainkan hati dan perasaan bangsanya sendiri.

Mereka sudah menyahut seruan untuk menyayangi skuad kebangsaan tetapi sekali lagi mereka tertipu.

Betapa lemah dan longlainya mental dan tahap kecergasan Rosdi Talib serta rakan-rakan apabila membiarkan Indonesia merampas tiket ke final Piala Tiger dalam tempoh 31 minit."

kelakar kan..

the dejected ones...


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