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Thursday, December 30, 2004

tsunami and new year.

hi. nothing much i can write today 'cept that the death tolls for the tsunami disaster have reach a shocking 100,000 peeps, 4 days after it occured. kat acheh alone, dah almost 50,000 yg mati. well.. it was sad to hear. kat malaysia pon.. eventho sikit je.. but still... sekolah pon dah nak bukak.. kesian kat budak2 tu.. their school stuff all damage, baru beli pulak tu! they suffered big time lost, man...

so, when our beloved pm, pak lah announced the cancellation of new year's celebration ystrdy on television, i support his notion all the way! it's the best decision ever and i think what we can do instead is, perform the solat hajat or hold a kenduri doa selamat for the nation's safety and victims & their family as well.

speaking of which, my family has decided to mellow down our celebration on new year's eve by having some doa selamat and small kenduri, in order to respect the unfortunate ones... the least we can do, eh?

to all you guys out there, jez do whatever you think necessary and no matter what, we're all human and jez about anything can happen to us. maybe today is not our day, but it's the thought that matters.



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