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Monday, January 10, 2005

of pathetic boss and being humiliated!

yes, i'm leaving the bloody company! u've got my letter and it was all done in a proper manner, without me hiding anything or ran from the place jez like dat! i did it according to the law. the labour law and what stated in my appointment letter. i gave you a month's notice upon leaving.

but dat doesn't mean you can treat me like some piece of shit!

but dat doesn't mean you can treat me as if i never contribute anything to the company!

but dat doesn't mean you can ignore me jez like dat!

AND DAT doesn't mean you can simply throw me out of the meeting on a pretext of "er.. you're leaving soon.." in front of the whole staff!!


i'm pissed off rite now cuz to date, i'm still doing some job, i'm still helping some art director AND i'm still part of the company!!!

why was i being treated like dis??!!

i didn't do anything wrong!
i didn't steal the company's property or money!
heck.. i didn't make the company gone bankcrupt pon..!!!

why the treatment??!! i don't deserve it!

some modern malay you are, DJ! i always thot you're not like other typical malays.. but malays wud always be malays! there's no doubt bout dat! i mean i'm malay.. but i still have a heart to care about other people's feeling and obviously you don't have the qualities!

i wish you all the best, DJ!

all the best with this company of yours after you hand it over to your ass-fcuking-hole-gay nephew and his contaminated allies!

and i'm not gonna waste anymore tears for this stupid incident!

no more!

shove it up your ass DJ and have a gud nite sleep!


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