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Friday, January 07, 2005

of being stood up and discovering something new!

i was supposed to have lunch with this friend of mine, but she had to cancel it last minute bcuz she was so damn busy!
well.. heck! no i wasn't angry. it's jez dat now i donno what to eat for lunch.. and i'm stuck here, hungry..

and yay! thx to cik daoh diggler yg murah hati kerana telah mengajar saya bagaimanakah cara nak letak link blogpage org lain to my ever-so-minimalist blogpage of mine nih..

terima kasih daun tembakau,
jumpa nnt bolehlah belanja pau..

err.. ;-/

so.. i'm starting to learn the art of html language.. bit by bit.
err.. am i correct or am i jez being stupid?
correct me if i'm wrong, eh?

to b,
no. i'm not angry at you for not driving your car to klcc.
it's ok if you ada kat sana for a short while je and that explains why you tak drive.
but if you hv to stay sampai mlm.. tak ke menyusahkan diri sendiri namanye tu?

i'm okay.

my stomach started to play the blues...
it's time to go food hunting.

pic taken by one shaliza mokhtar, a talented future-pro photographer.
hell she's good! do check out her works by clicking the link on my rockin' peeps list.
i don't know her tho' but been admiring her shots for some time now.

slamat weekend.


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