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Thursday, January 27, 2005

of being absent and having mixed thoughts...

january 14th 2005, huh? that was my last entry.. hmm.. almost 2 weeks of keeping myself to myself.

disappointment leads me to being all quiet but not down and sad, these few days. trying to composed myself, see myself from other point of view, try not to melatah so much. try to control my anger and frustration towards certain issues.

but i'm ok.

so.. i guess today is my 2nd last day here in jda. time sure has fly. with a blink of my eyes, here i am, getting ready for another world of hypocrisy, stress-bound and werking around-the-clock, non stop. again, i'm not complaining it's jez dat i'm sure gonna missed few things here in kl and i'm not pretty sure if kl misses me too.

the past few days saw one of the corrupted allies of my gay art director, the account director, gave me a farewell gift:
a perlini's silver chain with fish-shaped pendant and a card, for which according to her, fish in chinese means abundance, therefore she wished me abundant, lots and lots of luck and wealth with my new job in that new place. and oh! she even treated me lunch at one of the worst diners in kl, aero, situated jez around the corner of menara promet, before the lodge hotel. i tell you, the food there suck big time! i don't know why she loves the place so much... (i'm not complaining tho! yela.. orang dah nak belanja, kan...)

today, i'm due for another lunch date with another colleague of mine. i don't know what are we having but come to think of it, i think it wudn't matter as much. it's the thought dat counts, ait?

fancy a bite of my cake, anyone?


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