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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

of being all bluesy and melancholic...

i'm in the no-mood-with-some-chronic-blues mode these days.

yes.DJ's behaviour has affected me somehow!that bloody old man! the nerve!

yes. i know i shudn't let him take control of my life!

that i shudn't let him treated me like some garbage!

yes. i know.
and i'm jez human with the most fragile feelings of all kind, sensitivity. extremely sensitive!

but, hey! i know i'd overcome the feeling in few days time. i know i'll get over it. i know i can get over it!

and to whom it may concern, sorry for the tantrum i created yesterday. i needed some of your precious attention, i guess.

so much for some attention, eh?

and do you think i like to be melancholic, depressed and all? do you think i enjoyed it?

i loathe the feeling of being depressed, exhausted, lonely and keeping myself quite. i know i bit my tongue last friday and you said it's for my own good cuz i talked too much, but do you think you can live with it? do you think so?

oh.. well. better started packing already.
i ain't gonna leave my good books and valuables here in this corrupted place!

i ain't!!


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