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Thursday, April 07, 2005

of being absent for a while.

hi readers.. IF i still hv any laa..

being terribly busy all months made me forget to update certain things dat happen in my life.
not dat i'm plain lazy.. i'm jez busy and suddenly, writing dis journal is not a priority anymore.. which i think it's bad cuz it shows dat i HAVE NO LIFE!!! argghhhh!!! crazy shit!

but anyways, i'm off to melaka dis weekend with my family and some relatives to crash my aunt's weekend pad, sumwhere in klebang.. to rejuvenate konon.. but i'll be carrying my iBook with me as well.. yup! my ofis werk is trailing me all the way there.. funny ain't it? but i hv no choice you know.. if i didn't bring it along, then i'll be dead by next monday sebab sume keja pon due next week.. blunder!

nevermind.. i'll find the time to go for a real holiday! i swear i will!! after all these years of slogging like a mad dog..

gosh! i need a break!


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