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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

of being sad and pathetic.

i feel like whacking myself for being such a fool!
i feel like drilling my brain for being such an idiot!

i hate it when it's happen.
are all men the same?

the first 1 or 2 yrs as a couple promises much romance, roses and such sweet thoughtful gestures. everyday is a brand new day.


i hate being abandon and ignore by him.
i hate being stupid for actually believing that he would do all sorts of wonders to pleases and surprises me.

i hate the feeling of being hate by him...

he's such a pain right now!

and i ain't gonna look for the cure...

and i ain't gonna be some sad and pathetic gal...

i'm gonna be strong.

i am.

am i happy or am i not?~sigh~


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