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Friday, December 09, 2005

of enjoying my werkload.

yay! friday has finally arrived and i'm sooo looking forward for this much awaited 3 days public holiday.. eventho i still can't believe dat monday is a replacement day for sultan's bday which falls this sunday.. cuz according to the calender on my table kat ofis nih.. the sultan's bday shud be next saturday.. tah mana satu yg betul pon tak tau la but i've confirmed with others already.. betul la isnin nih cuti.. orang kl keja la.. sbb kl takde sultan.. hahaha!

hmm.. nice... erkk..
keja makin menimbun!!

my boss will be on leave whole next week.. tapi yg tak bestnye.. he left tonnes of work to be done while he's gone, having fun with his wife & kids in langkawi! mmg kejam gile org tua tuh.. malas mau cerita la...

OMG! i'm having deja vu...
same thing happen as what had happened ystd and the day b4...
my phone jez beeped...

gotta go peeps.. i had a bad day ystd for making him wait...


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