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Thursday, December 08, 2005

of pleasing others.

not wanting to disappoint my dear friend, sms..(hey.. your initial mmg sms la sha...~chuckle~) and perhaps others, i forced my fingers to actually dance a lil bit more tonite.. hey, really appreciate your patience sha.. thx!

i'm still here in the office.. the boss has something for me to do before he goes on leave, next full week. but it's all done and over with.

as i was about to log in, the phone beeped silently. it was the same sms i received as i received ystd.. i replied and tell him to gimme another 15 mins or so..

and at this point... all of a sudden i'm blank at words.. tak tau ape nak tulis..

and oh.. being an avon associate, i'm a little bit sad.. somehow, with today's newspapers headline of erra fazira and her husband's confessions on their marriage.. really! tersebak kejap.. no wonder she looked so gloomy at times (met her at some of the avon's functions). even when she smiles.. bole nampak dia mcm ada masalah. cheh! mcm terrer je..

ape nak buat? we are only human..


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