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Sunday, January 15, 2006

of searching for my rainbow: part I.

hey... guess what?
i'm actually posting my entry from my house rite now..
yup! i actually hv an internet connection @home.. yay!
thanx to my bro-in-law, sheik for making this happen..
haha! too much for an effort from dear ol' me.. ouch!

anyways, while surfing, the tv is on, having star movie's the village on it and nobody's watching. mama is by my side, sleeping, while on the other couch, there's papa, also sleeping. must be fed up with my wanted to watch the village when i actually surfing the net on the other hand.. well, i didn't mean to hog everything in the house, but sebenarnya saya nak tengok the village but at the same time, i cudn't resist the temptations to surf the net as well. with jez the 3 of us @home, senang sket nak do stuff. my lil nieces are out with their dad & mum, sebab tu la saya kebosanan lantas mengambil keputusan untuk melayari internet. b is still cracking his head @his office. kesian...

i, on the other other hand (byknye tangan saya...) was actually juggling from one task to another in the ofis! tukar tu tukar ni lah.. having to print this & that pastu tersalah print la, then was late for the appointment with the production hse yg buat AV presentation for our national sales conference la.. esok kena pegi ofis lagi.. need to tidy up my campaign werk b4 my monday review with the 'ever-so-kelam-kabut' marketing team... oh, life (in avon) sucks!

ape nak buat kan? i thot life wud be different here.. mmg different but it's getting out of control. getting out of control sebab werk madness yg dorg keep on feeding my tired self. cud hardly remember a lot of things nowadays. it's like having a mental breakdown sometimes.. serious! and it's killing me! tapi kalau tak keja, sapa nak bagi saya makan? sape nak bayar hutang-hutang saya? sape nak belikan toiletteries saya? macamana nak kawen? uhuk! uhuk!

now, when will the rainbow comes and fills my day?


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