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Friday, June 09, 2006

of dribbling the WC like the samba boys!!!

yup! yup! over 1.5 billion football fanatics will be watching the much-anticipated WC opening early tomorrow morning (local time)... and i AM one of 'em!!! i am sooo ecstatic for this is the year of the ENGLISH to battle it ALL OUT, to get their hands on the historic trophy!

yea.. i know.. you guys probably think i'm nuts cuz i actually thot dat them english will get dis year's WC.. but anything is possible aite? with super great line-ups, stevie g, rooney, owen, lampard, beckham, and not to mention, theo walcott (can't wait to see his much-hyped-about brilliant performance) and crouching petey.. (i'm dying to see him robo-dancing.. again..), the vision to watch the english team play alongside the samba boys is most likely! (yeah.. of course i remembered the day they were defeated by the brazilians, 4 years ago! i was sooo devastated!!)

anyways, you'll see me joining the crowd, tomorrow @ the gazebo to watch it over big screen with some friends for the opening game of the english! the heck with everything, but i'm goin ta enjoy my 2006 WC momentos, like i did 4 years ago...


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