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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

of moving places & having a jolly gud time!

i thot i don't have readers anymore. but to my surprise, i still do.
thanks el for being a loyal reader. i know i've been slacking sumtimes but a person gotta do what she's gotta do... aite?

to el, why don't you start your own blog (since you have the time) and i promise i'll be your ardent reader... it sure fun to read what you've been doing eversince you move to skudai. and also, jez to let you know dat no matter how busy i am.. i'll try to make time whenever you're in subang eh? (this also applies to the rest of you, my silent readers... yang aku kenal jela ek...)

eventho i didn't get to know the sad news from you yourself, saya tak kecik hati pon and i'm sorry to hear about it k? please.. share it with me, whether bad or good, ok? =D

as for the england team... please play soccer like a man already!!


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