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Friday, July 07, 2006

of crushes and being hungry!=D

at long last... it's the replay of euro 2000...
the fettucine olio vs the french toasts!!
kan best mcm nih... takdela asyik the same team je..

tulaa... anything can happen. it doesn't mean when the german tanks are playing homeground, they can easily make it to the final... it's not dat easy you know! zidane is leading his team to his last wc.. he is stronger and more energy than before. without doubt, the french finally made it to the final after freakin' blunder, 4 years back.. same goes to the azzuris. both teams didn't make it to the finale in 2002..

some may say dat the fettucine olios wud be lifting the historical cup, but i predict otherwise...
haha.. being always the odd one out.. i have this strong feeling dat there'll be trazillions of french kisses on the cup when zesty zizou lift up the cup of life! the azzuris may look stronger with their steel-like superbuffon and defenders, but with the magics dat the toasters have been producing so far in their path to the finale, i'm 500% sure they can beat em troy descendants and have em crying like a baby, back to rome! hah!

"ni baru betul.. main satu team in the same club, no matter what were the differences they had when playing for their country, friendship remains on top! hail figo & zizou!!"

as for the 3rd place play-off, i want the german tanks to get the 3rd place.. klinsmann was one helluva footie and he deserves it! (!!COACHIE ALERT!! he's hot! the other one was marco van basten-the dutch coach.. i think he is hot too!!*wink!*wink!*)

"the dejected coach..."

dan... cristiano ronaldo adalah budak jahat dlm arena bolasepak antarabangsa and he deserved to be boo-ed!! wat a stupid kid he is!! dahla english sume tak suka dia.. pastu ada lak attempt nak make up dgn rooney! bodo...


suddenly i'm drooling for the olio from fasta pasta... yumm!


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