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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

athens, here they come! woohoo!

hey. jez a quick one..

heartiest congratulations to the kops for making it to the final of champions league 2007... again for the 2nd time in 3 consecutive seasons and 7th in uefa champs league history! winning on penalty kicks were really sumthin' after the equalizer by agger in minute 22 (chelsea scored in the 1st leg earlier last week @stamford bridge), as they showed passion and determination to play in the final. and we shall find out who's the other team, tomorrow morning and i am hoping for the 2005 final replay, when the merseysiders played off ac milan in a miracle win over them italians. sorry! m no MU fan y'all...

pepe reina was the hero of the nite, dudes!

seeing the sight of the dejected-but-handsome face of jose mourinho was the best thing ever this morning. berlagak sangat! still in denial, he insisted that his team deserved to be in the finals and claiming that they were the better team!oww... come on mr. mour.. football is round! hey, liverpool gave a pretty good fight too when it comes to euro challenges ok!! bongok la ko. nasib hensem... =p

so.. come may 23rd, 2007 athens will be splashed with the reds fan... can't wait!

oh, and i shall i update my pregnancy progress in few days time, ye.
sekarang tgh byk keja la kat ofis. in fact i've been werking my brain off in weekends and few public hols like today... sigh!



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