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Thursday, June 26, 2008

crappin about.. in a nutshell.

i was early today. sent lil sis to her office sebab she's going to a team building thingey @port dickson. konon nak cepat.. "billa kena sampai before 7am kat ofis tau tak, awak kena bangun awal!" AWAL my ass! i was early, waited for her in the car, only to gerak from house 10 mins before 7. so, in the car i was asleep lite-lite je when i heard her friends already calling, asking where the hell is she and at that time it was 15 past 7 and we were like still 10 mins away from her office. when i told her off for being late, she scolded me back. can ah like that?... sigh...

so, here i am.. tapping away craps and nonsense. got nothing in mind except the situation that we are about to experience by next week. again, sigh.. i wish i could share with everyone of my dear readers in this blogging society but i guess i'm gonna keep this to myself and to the people around me, in the reality la kan, who knows me and what the hell i'm crapping about. banyak betul benda nak settle kan nih! sheesh...

nowadays, zaes macam can't sleep well at nites la. i was worried sebab he'd woke up, crying and sometimes he'd rolled satu katil until he found a comfort zone. ada one morning tu, i woke up only to found him kat hujung kaki. nasib baik tak jatuh katil. dahla suka sangat bangun pagi. dia akan bangun bila i was about to leave my room. and when this happened, of course la i've to entertain him for a while cuz b tengah tido lagi and malas nak kacau dia (but sometimes i do kacau him.. dah lambat la weh..) sometimes he'll be in his jovial mood (zaes la not b), and kadang-kadang tu tak. bila dia nangis tu yang kesian nak tinggalkan tu...

owh well.. so, rite now, i'm still wondering what was the real reason of why zaes nangis malam2.. maybe dia dapat nightmares kot.. tapi takkan la evry nite? pastu suka garu2 kepala sampai banyak scratches all over his botak & bulat head. i'm worried about this too sebab his paed kata dia ada atopic eczema.. tak nak la benda tu melarat-larat sampai kepala lak kan.. oh, btw, you can find the definition of atopic eczema, here. malas nak explain haha.

zaes punya skin lebih kurang macam nih.. but ok sket dari nih and when he was few weeks old ada kat pipi. now dah takde, only kat perut and kaki je. but his considered mild ones.. ada yg lagi teruk dari ni tau..
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anyway, zaes punya type of eczema is certain part of his body ada dry patchy areas and ada one time tu, his tok mama fed him ice cream and the ice cream contains almond. immediately lepas makan, he threw up. i thought he was just full sebab baru minum susu, so i cleaned him up and passed him to b to pakaikan baju. suddenly b was freakin and asked me apa zaes makan. so, i went to checked him out, kat bawah dagu dia dah merah-merah, macam kena gigit nyamuk yg byk, pastu his chest pon sama, reddish and thicken. only then i realised that he's allergic to almonds, nuts! goodness, i've heard of this but never thought it'll happen to my lil boy.

after that we rushed to the nearest clinic, malas tul kat klinik tu. doktor kat situ macam bukan doktor ok! zaes was still scratching and i held his hands sebab tanak dia scratch lagi and he was so noisy! maybe tekak dia pon gatal la tu kot... and sebab i was already fed up and menyesal sebab tak pegi sjmc, while waiting for the medications, i checked again his inflammations and nampak macam the allergy tu dah subside... lega la.. balik rumah i didn't even give him the ubat sebab i have no confidence in the doctor. since zaes nampak ok, i just gave him warm water and before his next visit to his paed, i'll take precaution la kot. no nuts, no cheese (yup! kesian kan...), no strawberries for him.. these are the food yang i know he's allergic to la.. i hope nothing more to come and i hope it'll be over soon.. uhuhuuuu..

dah. from crappity crap to yappity yap.



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