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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

hooked and booked!

i've been occupied with lotsa thing lately.
like A LOT. dealing with issues, time, situations, incidents.
like really A LOT.

penat sangat. sampai takde masa nak blog.
even if i have the time, i'd be busy attending to some other thing. or i'd be snoring my nite away..

something happened yesterday. something i didn't expect to happen after such a long time. after what had happened. i was all confused and trapped. i just don't know what to do. i got the chance but i blew it! tak sampai hati sebenarnya but i was so clueless. macam orang kena pukau pon ada sebab i didn't know what to do.... ~sigh...~


well, on the other hand, last sunday, i had fun with b (sans zaes sebab it was impossible to carry him around) and my cousin miya and her future hubby, shooting their pre-wed portraiture @taman tasik lembah kiara, somewhere in ttdi. eventho at first dorang macam very stiff and was laughing all the way, but i guess the almost 2 and half hour affair was successful and mencapai matlamat la kan.. me on the other hand, was the one who have to do the makeup la, aku jugak la yg kena pegang reflector, aku jugak la yang jadik 2nd director... hehe. i do hope the pix turned out good and paling penting, they love it! (this is b's 1st major job that he's been putting all his effort to) tu baru buat pre-wed, end of this week ada majlis nikah and next sunday pulak their joint-reception @dewan merak kayangan felda..

a sneak preview of miya and jai's pre-wed portraiture taken by b.

can't wait to get busy on her historical day nih.. she's one of my closest cousin and by nature pon, i like being around, menyibuking. sampai amik cuti hari jumaat nih just to offer my little helping hands.



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