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Monday, June 08, 2009

musim orang kawen...

ayat-ayat yang paling akan ditanya oleh incek suami when there's a celebrity or any of my friends or a friend's friend or sapa-sapa je lah yang akan kahwin..

"eh, who's their wedding photographer eh?"


"eh, dorang dah ada wedding photographer ke?"

(orang yang dah lama kawen pon dia tanya jugak kadang2..)

and IMHO, i think semua wedding photographer pon akan bertanyakan benda yang sama kan.. ;-p

jadi untuk couple yang seterusnya ini, ai dah jawab awal-awal. their official wedding photographer is rudy from pop shuvit (i read in an article somewhere..):

nana (of era fm) & raqeem. pic was taken from: oh!bulan.

i personally think that they're the sweetest couple i've ever seen! nana looking so gorgeous here and her cool-looking-dude hubby.. they rawk lah! to both of them, eventho' ai tak kenal yu and yu tak kenal ai, selamat pengantin baru diucapkan. may Allah bless your marriage with bubbles, glitters and waterfall. and of course, lots of kids! ;-)

on the other note, don't worry incek suami. your time (to shoot the big shots) will come. insyaAllah...



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