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Friday, May 29, 2009

mayday! mayday!

hey ho. it's friday-o..

nothing much i can talk about 'cept that i'm in a midst of finishing my pending office job diselang-seli pula dengan head & backache due to the stress and sebab tengok komputer lama sangat. pon ye jugak... sighh.. sangat penat!

the month of may is coming to an end soon and before you know it, we're in the middle of 2009 already.. that's half a year of fast flying i-don't-know-what-else-can-i-do-with-my life time! cepat sungguh masa berlalu!

a good friend is getting married in june. seen here with incek hubby masa dorang buat pre-wed shoot dorang kat colmar tropicale. more of that soon.

and zaes (aka ek ek) is turning 2 in 3 months time. dah besar pon dia. sorry? what's that? when's the 2nd baby coming? err...

ok peeps! gotta run!
have a great weekend ahead!


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