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Thursday, April 30, 2009

from melaka to pj. heh. suka hati i la..

bila hendak memulakan entry dengan ayat seperti:

sorry you guys! it's been awhile since my last update...

... itu adalah sangat cliche dan poyo pon ada. owh well.. how i wish i have longer time and energy. zaes pon tak selalu dapat jumpa mommey dia ni tau.. pity him~

hmm.. let's see.. apart from keja yang melambak kat ofis, what else happened eh? my company trip yang exhilarating (exhilarating la sangat...) tu.. balik from sana (ala.. melaka je) the next day tu accompanied b to colmar tropicale, bukit tinggi for our beloved friend, cik foxx' pre-wedding shoot, yang sangat exhausting.. and.. owh yes.. of course! finally met kak emil to pass her the sponsored items after 2 unsuccessful attempts of transporting them to kak emil (nak pos, the post office people tak nak accept because of the content, pastu dah set nak jumpa kak emil kat kl book fair, pon tak jadi sebab kak emil ada hal lain..).

and that happened yesterday. punyala excited nak jumpa dengan kak emil (susah je datang all the way from ampang) sampai lupa nak snappy snap snap dengan kak emil. she came around lunch hour, and sebab excited kot, i dragged cik jiran sebelah to joined me. kak emil came with her cheeky son, yassin. haha.. tiba-tiba nak tergelak sebab teringat the sight of yassin masa tu. boleh tak dia panjat sofa kat lobi ofis ni, then he purposely jatuhkan diri. and he did it over and over again! tapi dia relax je. tak rasa sakit ke apa ke pon. haha. cute la dia.

after few awkward moment, (yela.. nervous sebab it was our first time jumpa kan..) dengan cik jiran sebelah pon termalu-malu la konon.. paranoid kak emil tak kenal dia.. haha.. i handed her the sponsored item and a lil something for her as a token of appreciation.. nak tau what is it, please read here. then we chat a bit, pastu she had to go to damansara to pick up other sponsored item lak.. (yela, it's already end of the month, if the sponsored items not in hand, camne nak award her readers kan?)

to my surprise, masa salam, she gave me this nicely wrapped gift. wah.. kita sponsor hadiah, pastu kita dapat balik hadiah! i was surprised actually as i didn't expect to get anything in return kan. dah awal-awal pon niat saja suka-suka. and i guess, pasal tu la jadi over excited sampai lupa nak bergambar dengan this talented lady. dahla physically, she didn't look 40 langsung. and no kak emil. you are not fat either ok.. (on the way out pon si yassin can actually buat lawak pakai selipar kat tangan dia. muahaha.. kelakar sangat! dengan cheeky face dia tu.. LOL!!)

masa naik lift dengan cik jiran sebelah tu dah tak sabar-sabar nak bukak the gift yang kak emil bagi tu. and bila dah bukak.. taraaaa! wah!! best sangat sebab dia bagi 2 self-binded small-sized note/sketch books and a cute floral motif art makeup brushes rollmade from cloth! yay! suka gila, terus mintak cik jiran sebelah tolong snappy snap2 gambar (yang self portrait tu laa..) using my camera phone... uhuhuu..

the gift!



jakun habes! LOL

best! best! best! suka sangat knowing that all of the items came from a person i admired for her talent and hardwork! to kak emil, thanks very much, again, you made my day yesterday.. yeehaa! oh. glad that you like my lil gift.. =D

okeh. gotta run peeps sebab jap lagi nak attend my uncle's birthday thanksgiving. will update on other things soonest. hopefully!

selamat hari minyak cap buruh.

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