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Saturday, March 21, 2009

wipe those tears away, will ya..?

please.. please.. enjoy these random pix while i.. ehem.. fixed those emotions and what not.
hopefully, i'll be back with more energy and sunshine.

*no. i'm not pregnant. i'm just being melancholic and agitated at the same time. thanks for your concern. and your continuous support for reading my crappy blog.*

zaes: once upon a time...
(pic was taken by billa)

zaes: bolos saja dinding ituuuuu!
(zaes' current favourite tv game show, bolos @ch4 astro.)
(pic was taken by billa)

some may have said... like father like son.
(candidly snapped while they're enjoying a weekend afternoon nap.
a long nap that was.. mmmhmmm... er. pardon the bedsheet graphics ey.)

an mms of lil aydan syaza, received few days back from his ibu, miss red dragon. big boy you are now, lil botak head!


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