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Friday, February 06, 2009

random schmandom (tagged by ms s)

13 random things you love: [in no particular order]
1. my zaes (i love him to bits)
2. my mom (i love her to bits)
3. my mom's cooking
4. my makeup collection
5. my newly purchased fossil wrislet (sangat berguna okeh!)
6. my blog (eventho tak ramai readers.. uhuhuuu)
7. my brain (it can be the brainiest brain in the world sometimes)
8. sitting all day without having to worry bout getting to work.. (i wish i could)
9. my big dark eyes
10. main masak-masak out of the blue
11. getting involve in family gathering or any event
12. put makeup on my sis, cousins and friends
13. my nieces, qistina, dania & sarah

12 movies you like: [in no particular order]
1. the pianist
2. cinta
3. sepi
4. p.s. i love you
5. all pramlee movies (hey.. that's more than 12 already kan?)
6. boys don't cry (hillary swank rocks!)
7. ah long pte ltd (seriously funny dowh!)
8. ghost (the 1st movie i got to watch kat cinema - state pj to be exact!)
9. ali setan 1 (ali setan 2 tak best sebab ogy & sheila majid tak berlakon)
10. mekanik ("orang putih ka, orang hitam ka, orang biru ka, kita kan orang malaysia" - susan lancaster)
11. the italian job (gila cool edward norton!)

12. american history x (gila nak mampus cool edward norton... sigh...)

11 bands/artists: [in no particular order]
jimi hendrix
deep purple
the carpenters
sheena easton
sharifah aini
sheila majid (gua penah nyanyi lagu dia depan dia.. rasa hebat tol masa tu!)
dewa 19
teacher's pet (serious!)
stevie wonder
acidtrip (haha! eh. korang tak kenal yeh?)

10 things about you physically & personality wise:
smart (like.. really smart! heh.)
dark-skinned (and proud of it!)
luscious eyes (yum! yum!)
fierce (read: mak tiri)
expandedly petit (like wtf? read: gemok pendek laaa.. er..)
i'm my arwah opah's cucu paling kemas. ehem.(meaning smart-looking la.. sentiasa kemas whether i have long or short hair)
vocal (read: mulut lepas. haha. too bad)
i suffered from vasomotor rhinitis. like a really outrageous case y'all! tsk.
i slouch like really bad. double tsk.
i always don't know what to eat. sometimes i didnt eat the whole day cuz i just don't know what to eat. pathetic innit?

9 songs for your wedding: [in no particular wedding]
mnasir's sentuhan listrik
santana's black magic woman (mmmhhmmmm!)
this one jawa song (of which i dont even understand but supposedly to be a lovey-dovey song la.)
sheila majid's aku cinta padamu
ungu's tercipta untukku
dewa 19's lagu cinta
dewa 19's flower in the desert
the carpenters' close to you
jimi hendrix' angel
*and for the record, kris dayanti's mencintaimu is soooooo over okay! please. get it over with already! so meleleh.*

8 fav drinks/food: [in no particular order]
authentic masak lomak cili api daging salai (m salivating already! bila la nak dpt makan lg nih..)
asam pedas ikan pari with lotsa bunga kantan!
laksa asam utara style (demmit!)
nasi ayam abang ownn dekat dengan damai lrt station, keramat
nasi kerabu with daging bakar
ayam bakar pak chi met kat bandung
siakap steam limau (smoking hot!)
anything pasta

7 things you always wear:
my risik band
my oakley's glasses (bila kena drive or nak jalan2. tapi if dah mekap perasan cantik, takleh pakai sebab nak maintain gorgeous. ahaks!)
my 1st diamond earrings (ala. diamond ciput gila. taik mata i lagi besar)

rubber band evita peroni warna cekelat yang over-priced (tapi bagus sekali keanjalannya)
vaselin's lip therapy
office tag (ye. kadang-kadang tu 24 jam sehari, tujuh hari seminggu ye tuan-tuan & puan-puan)
watches. can't live without watches.

6 pet peeves: [in no particular order]

dah pernah buat. sila korek-korek archives di sebelah.

5 things you touch everyday: [in no particular order]
my hp
my face
the computer mouse
the keyboard
zaes (sorry. zaes topped b hands down!)

4 shows you watch: [in no particular order]
barclays premier league (bole consider show ke?)

3 celebrities:
che det - sebab he's an icon and nobody dares say no to him!
jamie oliver - sebab nak learn how to cook like super fast! (err.. hello! have you ever heard of post production editing my dear? duh.)
edward norton - sebab he has this super sexy dewwy eyes and i badly wanna touch them.. sigh.. ehem. just them eyes ok. (dang!)

tengok mata tu. tengok?! *kan dah kena hypnotised*

2 current wishes:

spend more and more time with my family.
debt-free life.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

my mama. (i love you mama! sob! sob!)
classic ok rambut platinum!



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