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Monday, January 19, 2009

alfatihah and our deepest condolences to abang z and family...

i had just finished my asar prayer and when i got back to my desk, i saw a missed call and an sms from b:

dah jumpa. dont call me now. later k.

my heart beats faster than usual. i couldn't help it but to call back and when i finally got to talked to him, he said he's on the way to the place where they found his body. it was quite far from the location whre he was last seen.

as i hung up the phone, i couldn't help it but to cry. i was devastated. deeply sad. i told my colleagues and cik jiran sebelah came and hug me. i just couldn't help it but to suddenly teringat2 gelagat along whenever we went back to b's hometown for family gathering.

and another sms came in. from b lagi and he confirmed that the body was of along's.

i am now waiting for my sis to come and fetch me.

meanwhile, thanks for all your prayers. may along rest in peace and Allah lebih sayangkan dia nampaknya. may Allah bless his soul and letakkan dia dikalangan orang yang beriman.



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