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Friday, January 02, 2009

my new year..

my new year's eve this time was san mama (mama was away to sis#1's house for awhile, my nieces sibuk suruh tok mama dorang tido sana before the school starts) and i know i'm gonna be bored to death, so i decided to main masak-masak and invited my cousin miya & her hubby & her parent (the usual suspects) over to my house for the so-called n.y.e's dinner.

knowing that b was having a fever a nite before, i just proceed with the plan on pretext that he'll be fine sket by new year's eve. so i went to carrefour after work, beli apa yang patut, then fetch zaes at my sis' house. when i reached home, the whole house macam takde orang. it was pitch dark. rupanya hubby was really sick and couldn't get up. of course i was whining like mad sebab all the windows were closed and with the viruses lingering around, i felt the house macam stuffy sket la..

after much arguments with b, i started to cook. my first (wahh..) dish was my signature spirali olio. a simple one, but i love this dish to bits! simple sebab the ingredients were only olive oil and peppers (or capsicum you might call it) and salt & pepper to taste, but i add up some chicken fillet to the dish (and i once add some range of seafood and instead of spiralis, i used spaghettini) masa masak tu, of course la zaes came and made some noise, but since his daddy was down, terpaksa la layan dia. by then, my cousin pon sampai and i started to cooked up my second dish, which was a burger dish. not ramly burger but some salisbury steak style beefburger. damn it was good! eventho i can't make my own beefburger patties just yet, tapi bolehla to my satisfaction.. hehehh.. (i'd love to learn how to make my own patties tho.. hmm one day maybe..) and the kitchen was smoking ok! haha. sampai my uncle was very curious and keep on asking me kenapa tiba2 nak masak.. haha. tu diaa.. when you rarely (read: tak penah) cook, macam tu la jadinya...

oh. my aunt and uncle were thoughtful enough to get b some soup from the mamak. so, malam tu he ate a lil bit of my pasta and the soup and the cream of chicken (thanks to campbell of course). after that he can't take it anymore.

so, after the quite and very pathetic countdown kat depan tv with them, they decided to called of the nite and went home. dat nite, i was awaken few times sebab baby besar asyik whining sebab tak sihat. kena buat sponging kat forehead, pastu at times, he was shivering.

the next day, tengok his condition yang not so good to (he went to the doctor earlier, tapi the doctor gave him ubat cap ayam.. not working for him), i decided to bring him to the family doctor @ss14. ingatkan nak tinggal zaes with billa, masuk bilik dia, rupanya dia pon terbongkang sakit. demam jugak but she already went to the family doctor. so, nak tanak, kena bawak zaes sekali.

dah jumpa doktor, i stopped by my sis' place (which is just a coupla streets away from the clinic) to get the chicken soup recpe from mama. haha. masak lagi.

lepas beli barang, sampai rumah i started to cooked the chicken soup. of course, zaes interrupted once awhile, tapi berjaya jugak la masak sup itu. walaupon agak cair (sebab kuantiti air tak sepadan dengan perencah sup peket kecik), tapi masih boleh dimakan tanpa rasa sakit perut selepas it.

later that evening, b seemed to got back his appetite. tapi, when i started to cook the burger again - with additional dish: buttered mushroom & garlic bread - (i invited the usual suspects again for 2nd round of the burger.. heheh..), b felt sick again. amboih. teruk betul sakit dia.. so, he ate only half of the burger and went upstairs tido. billa pon lebih kurang je, her body was like glued to the couch dari pagi sampai malam.

so, yes.. i've been cooking (eventho takde gambar sebagai evidence) and babysitting b and billa. and zaes. tapi zaes is not sick. just plain notty. and it was damn tiring ok. exhausting. sangat.

as i'm typing this, i can still smell the garlic scent from my palms and body still aching from carrying zaes (occasionally) while cooking. haha.

and since takde gambar nak share from the cookout (ke?), terimalah gambar yang takde kena mengena dengan entry ni... a childhood pic of me with mama.. =p

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