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Thursday, November 27, 2008


nov 21st, 2008

on the way back from office, b smsed me and said dat he'll be late sebab nak pegi jumpa kawan dia.. i was pissed at first but sebab i was tired, malas la nak layan. (yela.. my birthday some more nak pegi jumpa orang) so, when i reached home dat nite, it was already almost 8pm. masa nak bukak gate, suddenly billa screamed! rupanya my other sis, lulu, tengah buat attempt nak simbah air sejuk kat gua, tapi dia dah salah orang, so terkena la kat billa. haha! tapi dia tak puas hati, dia simbah jugak when i was by her side. cheh! kena gak tu...

so, when i went inside, with lil zaes by my side, i smelled food. when i ask mama, she said, she didnt cook. assuming the aroma came from our neighbors', i just sat in front of the tv, sambil cium-cium muka zaes' face yang masam tu.. and lulu gave me my present.. a knitted white top from mng. (yay! ada baju baru nak pakai pegi keja.. dia ni memang evry year tak penah miss bg hadiah.. yup! she's very generous - lulu style!)

and she also sibuk asking me to go upstairs cuz according to her, her bf gv me present too but she put it in my room. haha. mcm kelakar la jugak but i said to her, later bila nak naik la then only i check it out... at that point, i heard someone's coughing upstairs.

me: ha! i heard someone's coughing...

i quickly ran to the stairs and i saw some lights there and billa followed from behind and shouted, "surprissssssseeeee!!!!!" my cousin miya was holding the brownie cheesecake together with my elder sis, her kidlets, miya's hubby were behind her and b was clicking away profusely! (jumpa kawan la sangat..)

heaven yeah, i was greeted with a surprise birthday shower from my family on my birthday nite!
seemed that they have been planning days before and i must compliment them and did very well from letting the lil secret out of the closet.. haha! love you guys alot and the mastermind was none other than, my dear hubby! thanks again for the wonderful party, korang!

well, mama cooked her famous chicken pie and nasi briyani. billa bought some cutely decorated lil cupcakes she ordered from her colleague and i got few other presents too! yay! my other aunties and cousins joined us later at around 9-ish.. hehe. thanks! thanks! and owh, little did i know that my neighbor's hubby also celebrated his birthday (and her wife baru je delivered their first baby 2 days before..) but he didnt celebrate sebab busy dengan baby baru and tak ingat pon ye gak! only when billa passed him some food, baru dia notice that day was his birthday...

ok. ok. these are the pictures from the event.. most of them were captured by b and billa and few were from my xpressmusic fon. silalah jamu mata.. =p

pre-event. they prepared the cake in my mom's room.. haha!
(l-r: miya, jai with that 2 birthday cone hats tu and her brother, apee.
that's alot of candles ok.. phew..)

(l-r: billa, roxychick yg terkejut, miya, holding the cake.
yep. that's alot of candles ok..)

i was closed to tears.. betol!

roxy: o noooo.. i'd be outta breath blowing them candles!
miya: you better..

roxy: bole tiup ke tak nih...?
miya: you better.. (sebenarnya kek tu berat kan..?)

roxy: here goes...

roxy: phewww.. finally!
qistina: haa.. bole pon.. takde heart attack kan?

the brownie cheesecake from secret recipe.
(tak rasa pon.. i'm not a cake person la nowadays..)

that cute cupcakes. with cracks.

rupa cupcakes after we switched on the lights.
i love elmo. and makeups too.
(i didnt taste them pon. i just like to see them.)

dania: wah.. that's a lot of food!
(but she was eyeing for the elmo cupcake actually
and she didn't even finish it!
i guess she's just like me, suka tengok je..)

miya & roxy.
(and my elder sis kat belakang tu)

l-r: qistina, roxy & billa.

roxy & dania.

one for the album, sista!
(l-r: lulu, billa, roxy & riess)

my 2 lil darlings, myia sarah & zaes!

them again. puteri myia sarah, roxy, zaes & putri miya(shakira).
(yes. they shared the same 2nd name)

the cool mama & i. love you to bits, mama dearie!

the lil rascal #1 & his aunt billa.

aunt lulu & lil rascal #2, wearing the alex headgear + the birthday cone hat.

former lil rascal #1, qistina.

and the presents were:

1st present of the day, meehoon goreng breakfast from kak w!
(mak dia yg masak sebenarnya.. thanks babe! delish!)

a lovely flower bouquet from mrs keledek & her 2 girls! it came in later that afternoon. suka! suka! thanks again babe! (dia mmg suka bg bunga.. even masa my nikah day pon, she gave me the beautiful white roses hand bouquet..)

chocolates from cousin ati.. blom makan pon lagi.. =D

a pair of shoes from my aunt - miya's mom.

the knitted white top from mng.
(muka tak hingin kembali lagi..)

this cute roxy top is from my elder sis!
(something great to wear for the friso/nuffnang event this saturday.. yay!)

(i love this pic!)
while i was bz trying the top, b was preparing to surprise me with his lil gift.. notice tak myia sarah kat belakang dia tu? mesti dia macam.. 'ee.. apa yg uncle b pegang tuu..?' haha. i just find this pic macam kelakar..

and his lil gift is.... THE new m.a.c's holiday collections' warm eye pallette i've been eyeing for!!! u shouldn't have la my dear.. tapi takpela.. dah dapat kan.. LOL!

and the rest of the photos.. sesi camwhoring.. tak larat nak tulis captions la..
sila continue jamu mata.. (if nak reka caption sendiri pon bole gak..)

roxy: am old already!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa....

ok peeps! happy weekend! i hope i'd get to write about the friso/nuffnang event if i got the time.. hopefully!

finally, november has come to an end. i'm gonna miss you so much november!

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