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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

born and celebrated: part VII specials!

did i mention that the month of november is just heavenly..?
of course i did.. (apart from what i've experienced last sunday.. please see the entry below)

anyway, celebrated our anniversary yesterday, with my other halves (my mom, zaes & billa included) with a ok dinner kat this new place in ara damansara, niuzenxui (i hope i got it correctly) at this new dining place in town called, fullhouse. hmmm.. the vvip kata tempat ni best, mmg best pon, food was good, just that b (and mama) wasn't that satisfied sebab portion kecik. well... i shall get back to this matter later when i get the photos from him ok?

moving on, a lil birthday shout out to an old friend of mine, m(r)s pink stiletto aka sha aka shelly (i called her this name masa sekolah rendah duluuu) for today is her 19th BIRTHDAY on the 19th of november! (forever 19 eh..?)

may Allah bless you and have a great life & great well-being ahead! may Allah fulfill all your wishes and shower you with all the happiness in the world.. it's been good to know you, eventho we have our ups and downs together back in elementary.. haha! such an idiotic kid i was back then.. remember this post? i told ya i'll write about you kan.. ok.. here goes.. (sket sket jela ok?) *chuckles*

sha dearie,

why do i regard you as musuh? no laa.. manade musuh.. it was just this adolescent immatured stuff we've been thru together masa kecik2 dulu.. you know, i still remember that we were only close masa standard 6. u know how was it, standard 6 kan "senior year"? you tak ingat ke when we had this "lil fiasco" - actually i don't remember what was it but we got into this fight and started to call each other names.. ok.. actually it was me who started to called you names.. one of it.. memang tak sedap dipanggil la..(i won't revealed it here) and you were offended and you went and reported it to ustaz yusrin (bin parlan) & cikgu jamlus (bin juli.. betol! tuu nama diaa..) - huiyoo! i boleh ingat their names sebijik2..

so, we were called by these 2 teachers to the teachers' room and i was asked questions by cikgu jamlus. admitting to what i've said to you, cikgu jamlus pon bg "ceramah" kat i.. after the session.. i ran to the toilet and cried... haha! sangat kelakar ok! and after that i stopped talking to you for a while before we got together for the school year end
(or was it the children's day?) concert, dikir barat & the dance of a scene from grease (OMG!!).. ingat tak?? LOL!

this, dear readers, was taken in 1991. masa sekolah rendah. haha!
nostalgic ok! konon2 school hockey players laa.. pdhal asyik datang training je, tapi tak penah masuk any competition!
l-r: haa.. tu la cikgu jamlus, harris, next to him, i tak ingat..
the lady teacher is ms chandrika - i remembered sebab her name is unique!
and the girls squatting down tu, l-r: mrs keledek, i la tuu.. some more boys yg i don't remember their names (yes. i'm that ignorant & unpopular too), the birthday girl and mariam..

bila masuk secondary, kita lepak-lepak la jugak.. pegi mph, pegi parkson, "bought" stuff like magazines, stationeries.. you even got yourself a half full obsession perfume from the CK counter.. haha! "banyak duit" kan masa tu! LOL!

oh.. did i reveal too much dear? takpe.. lagi sket je.. remember the form 3 (before pmr exam) incident, masa tu dah study week and we were bored to death sebab kita datang sekolah but most of our other friends didn't come to school (konon nak belajar kat rumah), so you, another girl (u ingat tak sapa? i dare not to write her name here nor giving hints.. kang kena saman mampos i!) & i decided to cabut masa recess time.. so kita ikut curam kat tepi sekolah tu, sampai luka-luka la sana sini before going our separate ways after that.. (of which i terkantoi masa tgh tunggu bas, my mom & dad so happened lalu jalan kat bus stop tuu.. uhuhuhuhu..) then next day, the teachers found out, terus kena leter.. LOL!

ok. ok.. i'll stop here. but those are the things that i can remember of us and pasal musuh tu.. ala.. konon2 jela.. so immature la kita masa tu kan! haha!

anyways babe, i hope you forgive me for all the things i've done (i called you names.. i'm truly sorry for that!!) just so you know, i've always treasure our friendship, eventho kita dah lama tak jumpa and i hope we'll be friends till the end of our lives..

to you and your must-have item, i pray for korang punya happiness, to last forever and ever and ever and ever
and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

happy birthday dearie!
(taken 2 years ago, during my-you-know-what.. with some of my besties;
l-r: ika & hubby, mrs naga, honey bunny, put y, shaq & m(r)s pink stiletto)

p/s: received the invitation to the gathering organised by nuffnang & friso via email this morning.. yay!

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